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Green island in the midst of the blue Adriatic open sea, surrounded by numerous small silver islands. Maybe the last piece of the former Mediterranean, Lastovo means a vacation in harmony with untouched nature, a vacation in the ambience of traditional architecture, a vacation where you will enjoy healthy and fresh island food from the fields and the crystal-clear sea, a vacation with wine already drunk by the hellenic statesmen, roman senators and austrian emperors.

Lastovo is one of some dozen gardens of Eden in the Mediterranean on the list of prestigious World Wild Foundation (WWF).

About the island of Lastovo

Island of Lastovo belongs to south dalmatian group of islands and is positioned half-way between Croatia and Italy which makes it the most distant inhabited island with a population of 700. Two main settlements on the island are Lastovo and Ubli.

Town of Lastovo is the largest and one of the most beautifull old settlements on the Adriatic. The whole town is a protected cultural monument because of its unique reneisance architecture and amphitheatrical way it was built. The town is hidden from the view from the sea and is located inland which is the testimony to the violent past and pirate acitvity.

Right underneath the town of Lastovo there is a small port called Mala uvala where old fishermen's houses are located toghether with the fishing-boat harbour. From Lastovo paths lead to Skrivena Luka in the south of the island which, because of its shape, is a perfect place for mariners.

This large bay is protected from all sides from effects of wind and sea and is a home to peace and quiet and beautifull nature. It is an ideal place for vacation, swimming and exploring the rich underwater world. Tee oldest Austro-hungarian lighthouse on the Adriatic is located here.

Another bay is worth mentioning and that is Zaklopatica located 3 km from Lastova. It got its name from a small island that encloses the bay. Today Zaklopatica is known for its excellent restaurants.

Lastovo has numerous quiet and isolated bays and south of th island there is Lastovnjaci archipelago made out of 46 small islands and further south are Vrhovnjaci, a collection of volcanic rocks that climb straight from the depths of the sea. On some of htese islands there are sandy bays, perfect for picnics and bathing.

Ferry port is located in Ubli, small coastal town 10km from Lastovo. In the vicinity of Ubli is a tourist zone of the island located in Pasadur, a narrow passage with a bridge that connects Lastovo to island Prezba.

On both sides of the bridge most of the private accommodation is located toghether with the only hotel on the island - Solitudo. There is also a diving club and a few restaurants. The only yacht moorings are also located here.

Dense pine forrest that comes down to the coast and crystally clear sea give a special atmosphere to this place which certainly deserves to be visited. Lastovo is really the last paradise on the Mediterranean so come and see for youself.

How to arrive to Lastovo?

Ferry-car: Split-Lastovo

You can arrive to Lastovo with car from Split by large and comfortable Jadrolinija ferry that sails every day.
Journey is about 5 hours long.


Faster form of transport, journey takes about 2,5 hours and is passenger only. Sails every day.

In summer months there is direct connection to Italy twice a week by catamaran.
You can reach Split airplane, train, ship or car (highway).

What to see on Lastovo?

Whole island is filled with cultural and historical heritage from ancient times. There were traces of living, from pre-historic times, found in varios caves throughout the island.

As Lastovo is positioned in the middle of the Adriatic, it has allways offered good protection to sailors and explorers from ancient times to today. In Ubli you can find remains of Illyric buildings, rustic villas from Greek and Roman times as well as religious monuments dating from 11th century.

There is 46 churches and chapels scattered throughtout the island dating from 12-15 century. The most known is the church of Saints Kuzma and Damjan (St. Cosmas and Damian), with many valuable paintings and relics, which is open for sightseeing.

In the vicinity you can find the lodge where wisemen of Lastovo gathered to reach important decisions. In the town of Lastovo you can find beautifull palaces from times of Dubrovnik Republic that are, with their decorated smokestacks, trademark of Lastovo.

The most important event on the island is certainly is the carnival, or Poklad of Lastovo, a unique and authentic event that commemorates victory over the pirates.

You can take a walk through the pine woods on forgotten goat trails and climb the highest peak Hum and enjoy the beautifull panorama of the island. From there you can see the most distant islands Palagruuza and Susak, where excursion boats can take you during the summer months.

Specific for the island is the number 46 because that is the number fo fields, churches and islands. The island is ideal for sightseeing from the sea, that is why it is called the nautical paradise. The Romans named it Augusta Insula which means Imperial island. Natural beauty, distance, peace and quiet make the island a special place reserved for exclusive tourism.

Gastronomy on Lastovo

Lastovo is known for its underwater world rich with fish. Here you can find most diverse offer of everything that comes from the sea. Here are also the largest breeding grounds for fish and lobster.

Inhabitants of Lastovo are excellent fishermen who generously share their catch with their guests. There are several highly specialized fish restaurants on the island where you can enjoy in a diverse offer of daily fresh fish.

Grapes and olives are cultivated on the island from the ancient times and are unique experience. Lastovo's marastina is one of the more known wines, and olive oil is known for its quality because of large number of sun hours.

Events on Lastovo

Lastovo first and foremost an island intended gor guests that search peace and quiet nad can entertain themselves. Here you can enjoy in homelike environment together with home cooked meals after which you can enjoy romantic evening walks on secluded bays and beaches.

Beside Poklad of Lastovo held in winter there is also jazz festival in august. Entertainment for comes down to few nice caffe bars, so the offer is more towards the family, love couples, and, because of mild winters, to the elders. In summer there are diving courses, fish-picnic excursions to the surrounding islands, fishing, trekking, and sightseeing.

Touriust offer on Lastovo

All the information listed above you ce nget in tourist board of Lastovo or in hotel Solitudo koji which is located in Pasaduru, 2km from the ferry port of Ubli.

Hotel is the only one on the island and represents the unique example of harmony between architecture and nature. It is excellently blended in the dense pine forrest at the very shore, and has moorings for yachts. Hotel was built in the 80's and has long and rich tourist history. It has recently been renovated and now it offers beautifull rooms and appartments with balconies overlooking the sea.

In hotel there is a diving center that enables you to get unforgetable experience under the sea that is rich in flora and fauna, underwater caves that used to be habitat of the Mediterranean monk seals (Mededina cave) and rich acheological sites of sunken galleys that can be visited even today. There are also diving courses throught the summer.

Besides diving, hotel offers other forms of entertainment, like organized excursions to the surrounding islands and beaches, trekking along the marked trails, fishing, bike, scooter and boat renting and good gastro offer in the restaurant.

Beside the hotel there is also private accommodation that with its quality makes special mood and makes unbreakable bond between the guest and this magical island.

Private accommodation Lastovo

We have the possibility to organize accommodation from our rich database in private apartments, private houses on the island of Lastovo. Houses and apartments are completely furnished individually according to the owners taste and at acceptable prices.

Our complete private accommodation offer on Lastovo can be seen here.

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